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Effective odor removal and air purification

VÄDRA air purifier utilizes nature's method, active oxygen, in order to remove the odor and clean the air. The active oxygen is antibacterial and penetrates into porous materials, effectively eliminating deep-seated odors and mold without leaving any chemical by-products. The air is naturally healthy and fresh. VÄDRA is designed and manufactured in Sweden and are available for all your needs; at home, work and leisure.

Regardless if the smell comes from molds, tobacco smoke, sweat, toilets, cooking or garbage VÄDRA will break down the pollutants swiftly. VÄDRA is effective against the root cause behind the odor and should therefore not be compared with other types of air purifiers that only camouflage or absorb odors.

VÄDRA is virtually maintenance free with a very low energy consumption, corresponding to a 18 W bulb. A large room of about 50 m2 can normally be treated for odors in less than an hour for a cost of less than 5 cents. 15-30 minutes after stopping treatment, the active oxygen is consumed or converted back to normal oxygen.


  • Effective odor remover
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Low operating cost
  • Low maintenance


Where to use VÄDRA?

VÄDRA™ Air Purifiers are available in 2 models

VÄDRA™ Home - For domestic use and runs on 230 VDC power and includes a 15 min - 10 h timer.

VÄDRA™ Mobile - For use in cars, boats and mobile homes. It is delivered with a 12V rechargeable battery for up to 2 hours operation, a 12 V car adapter (still usable with 230 VDC power without the adapter) and a 15 min - 10 h timer.


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