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To the right we have collected the most common questions we receive about active oxygen and VÄDRA. If you don´t find the answer to your specific question, you are welcome to send the question to contact form.

Yes, ozone is a dangerous gas in high concentrations. However, the small amounts these products produce will not get high enough.

You can stay in the house during the whole treatment! Close the area being treated, you can enter the room a short period of time if you have to get or do something, but you should not stay for a longer period of time as ozone smells like chlorine and is slightly corrode and can irritate the respiratory passage.

Yes, if you are home with them. They should not be in the same room or home alone during a treatment.

During regular treatments against musty smells for 4 – 6 hours it’s okay! If it’s longer treatments on full effect for mould sanitation it’s a good idea to take electronics out from the room. Ozone is a strong oxidant and during longer treatments in smaller rooms electronics can oxidize.

Regular plants are usually fine during shorter treatments. If you are unsure you could easily move the plant to a different room during the treatment.

No, ozone does not get rid of humitidy, ozone is an oxidant that breaks down and kills bacteria, mouldspores and microorganisms that cause bad smell.

Mold on the surface if you open a wall is doable, however mold in a wall is not reachable for the ozone.

No, since radon is an element it can’t be oxidized by ozone.

No! Ozone kills the moldspores so they can’t start growing again and the smell disappears. But after a treatment you should wash away the spores to make sure there’s no new ones starting to grow.

30 to 40 minutes after turning off the unit the ozone won’t have an effect any more! The smell will still be present, but it will decrease over time. If it’s been going for 5 hours the smell will linger for about the same amount of time. If you open windows and air out it will go quicker. Once the smell is gone the dog can enter the room again.

After recieving the air purifier, wait to pay the inovice. After trying it you can send it back free of change within 14 days, call us and inform us that it's on it's way back so you won't have to pay the inovice.